Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Undo by Holly Arsenault

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Patient: Undo

Legal Guardian: Playwright Holly Arsenault

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: pessimistic plot, saccharine symbolism, miserable MC

Diagnosis: pre-crashed wedding

Isn’t it awful how something can make you feel like you’re on fire and then just turn into another old habit?
— Joan

Patient Description:

To the morgue with this one, Nurse. The patient was moribund with a wedding premise that could not be flatter. The dialogues were a string of familial relationship surmising that did not serve to create a plot. The exchange of language between characters was natural and flowing, but every soul on stage held the final wedding in such dreary contempt that it is a wonder why the audience should inversely feel the need to stay in their seats. Characters are explicit when the symbolism isn't. The blue wording was the most creative part of the piece. I can include almost no positive feedback as the patient's illness is terminal. The main character's irreverence occasionally glimmered with enough snark to make a few sentences from each scene memorable. Advice for patient reincarnation would include a defibrillator to the plot premise, comedic relief without naughty swear words, and an MC who wouldn't mind being a part of her own story.

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