The Thinkers: The Seers of Science

Welcome to Solscience

Congratulations on winning the 2020 Test Subject Giveaway! Your humble home has been randomly selected to participate in our exclusive beta test. Let our family be a part of yours with the handiest, thinkiest, Mister Thinker. Our latest lugnut is designed to be the right robot for any job on the job™. In addition to one month of robotic labor, your family's power grid will receive a rooftop slate of Solscience's signature solar panels.

Solscience Seeing the Future

Solscience's first headquarters was founded in Pasadena, California, circa 1995. Previously under the business name, "Labrature Science," the space service had shifted from rent-a-room testing and technology to innovation and manufacturing. The successful efficiency of Dr. Ellen Thinkerton's photovoltaic revolution is Solscience's unique contribution, bringing the world to a brighter future.

We’ll be seeing you in the future!