Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Abstract Nude by Gwydion Suilebhan

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Patient: Abstract Nude

Legal Guardian: Playwright Gwydion Suilebhan

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: masculine modesty, artistic ambitiousness, lewd-in-da-nude

Diagnosis: beeeewbies

A dead mouse in a baggie in the fridge wouldn’t be good enough for anybody.
— Tyler

Patient Description:

Good golly, this patient was naughty. I've never met one with onstage masturbation, but perhaps I'm too Christian. The characters are initially interesting, but the story starts to meander with the introduction of the second half. Dialogue prompts become increasingly telling until characters like Lola hold up plot guiding street signs. The chit chat quality climax needs an economical slice with the scalpel. The through line vapidly condemns poor taste, but does not in turn transcend the smut it wiggles its finger at.

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