Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Evidence of Things Unseen by Katie Forgette

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Patient: Evidence of Things Unseen

Legal Guardian: Playwright Katie Forgette

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: delusional optimism, drunken melancholy, Christian sentiment

Diagnosis: woodpecking dissociation 

We’ll feed the missing ducks with our forgotten bread. How does that sound?
— Jack Caldwell

Patient Description:

At first, I thought the patient was in an immediately critical condition! It is not wise to build friction against an antagonist with oopsie daisy upon oopsie daisy. Accidents are accidents. However, the legal guardian's clever writing helped net my doubts and illuminate the sober, tragic purpose, thus inverting my negative perspective. The one liners were fantastic; the characters provided emotional contrast without rigid dichotomy. I would gladly raise this piece's health rating to five stars, but language is still to be mended with the Rx. Stage context is frivolously specific. Would the audience notice if the actor did not speak in a "slight 19th century courtliness"? The major deterrent, however, is the MC's occasional girlishness. For all the professional dialogue and intelligent characters behind her, she drops the ball at crucial moments more than once to be forgivable.

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