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Welcome to Heaven
By artist toonytoons @ Fiverr.

By artist toonytoons @ Fiverr.


Strap on your angel wings and resize your halo; this bus is set for Heaven or bust! A congregation of comedy and curiosity to cackle and confuse mortals and immortals. No angels were harmed in the making of this production. No demons were flattered in the making of this production.

Angels and gentlewings, welcome to Angelix.
— Angel 7

Your guardian angel is tracking your reward points. Do you have enough for a miracle? The angels of Angelix watch over mortals from their computers. From there, they may provide their assigned mortal with what they need, but not often what they want. Is managing mankind not your nine to five? If so, the demons of Daemonix are always accepting applications. 


"I heard The Cafeteria of Eden has a Devil's food cake to fall for." -Angel 1

How does one consider Nothing?
— Angel 12

Calling the case of the Children of the Garden versus Demon Sylmalice. The prosecution states that Sylmalice tricked the girl, Eve, into biting a fruit from the Tree of Treachery. The defense argues that ever since the "Exeunt" of Lucifer, angels have been actively prejudiced toward demons. Therefore, Demon Sylmalice is innocent by reason of "authenticity," with mental collapse triggered by systematic social suppression. Angel 12 is on the case.


"Unhappily Ever Apple: Original Sin Originates in God's Garden" -The Good News Tribune

Welcome to the kutest, kattiest, Kitty Kloud 9!
— Angel 9

You are now kruising on Kitty Kloud 9: Where Pets Get Picky! While on the show, angel parents possess the chance to chat with their pets. Is your kitty in a furball with the dog? Is the bird barbarically flicking the fish again? Step lightly with Angel 9 and Mr. Kitty, as they tiptoe through tantrums and bring peace to petkind.

"I'm a kitty on the klock, but a lion for the ladies." -Mr. Kitty

By artist toonytoons @ Fiverr.