Nurse 911's diagnosis of Man of the People by Dolorez J Diaz

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Patient: Man of the People

Legal Guardian: Dolorez J Diaz

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: randomness rashes, inexplicable self-elevation

Diagnosis: Jump Cut Contamination

Patient Description:

Sorry for the delay, Doctor. I’ve come back from my continuing education courses on theater nursing. I am now trained in onstage and offstage CPR! Today’s patient is a simple piece: it’s filled with simple people in a simple time within 1930s Kansas. In this simple story there is a doctor intent on making himself known as a miracle worker within the medical community. Amateur detectives from the American Medical Association are hot on his trail to find out what makes Brinkley hailed by the townsfolk. I was enjoying this simple story until the constant gaps in its progression. Scenes cut to the next almost randomly without much context for explanation. Guiding actions lack subtlety and grace to offer the plot no natural flow. The characters themselves seem to cut to different personalities between scenes. Why does Brinkley go from a resolute man of his trade to a menace of society within the time it takes to heat a hotpocket? In any case, this piece needs some work beefing up each of its scenes with more content. I've issued a health rating of 2 out of 5 stars with a prescription of whey protein.

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