Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Man and Moon by Siena Marilyn Ledger

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Patient: Man and Moon

Legal Guardian: Playwright Siena Marilyn Ledger

Insurance: PagePay Plus

Symptoms: cancer, transsexualism, guitars and stars

Diagnosis: lunacy blues

Not all things that exist make sense.
— Aaron

Patient Description:

The patient opened up to me with natural dialogue and good pacing. Afterward, their health steadily declined without much to save it. The two man show is flat: it's missing another subplot or a more dramatic main one. The story is poignant, but never eventful, with the only action scene feeling like a false catharsis because Luna is so cheesy, even for her young age. Luna is actively boring while Aaron is passively boring. Aaron…needs to…stop being…brooding because…the audience…is waiting…no more…triple dots. Luna's scientific chit-chat goes from charming to trite to goading. Not sure why most Pronouns where Capitalized; it was likely subtext For transsexualism, but it Wasn't consistent. Aaron could use more considerable content for their trans monologues, but they did begin to invite my sympathy with their pathos. Revising these with an Rx of Cliché-Away to make Luna less saccharine would help this sincere patient reach a four star rating. For now, it waits in the ward with a two star rating.

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