Nurse 911's diagnosis of patient Less Than Human by Paul Vintner

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Patient: Less Than Human

Legal Guardian: Playwright Paul Vintner

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: angry animals, Martian melodrama, scalp scars

Diagnosis: eerie  

Patient Description:

The patient has fur, lots of fur. The story is sad, lots of sad. Animals were treated... Less Than Human. Their name is a tad cliche, but its purpose is poignant. The plot was all over the room like a rabid squirrel. Significance was scattered until the end, yet I was still unimpressed by then. Dialogue with the patient was... awkward. Characters like Kylie are notably monotone with too many unintended character flaws. There was a dead dog.... he had to be buried... then relief sex. Please check the full report. Suggested Rx for the patient would be to get their hands out of the sock puppets because the characters are too forced when they don't come off as automatons.

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