Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Ghost Walks into a Bar by Mora Harris

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Patient: Ghost Walks Into a Bar 

Legal Guardian: Playwright Mora Harris

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: spookies, shaking, screaming, chilling, drinking

Diagnosis: ectoplasm overdose

People say time heals all wounds. To those people I say... I got shot in the stomach.
— Lorna

Patient Description:

Uh oh. The patient's first words were "Hi, good evening." There were some funny jokes to open up to, but for a comedic play, one couldn't help but notice the stinky ones that piled up. Characters at the mic such as Andre are nothing more than a free association of quotidian existentialism. The characters are self-aware that they are not a riot. Bad move; I kept reading. Even if the play were to utilize the scalpel to rid itself of frivolous chat, a reader would still be lost looking for the main idea. The story's platform is a good start, but the patient is thoroughly infected with an overcompensation of casual spirit that only serves to excuse its own dearth. My Rx will be 1000mg of DeAuthenticity taken daily.

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