Dr. 2's diagnosis of Breath Me In by Rachel Lynett

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Patient: Breath Me In

Legal Guardian: Playwright Rachel Lynett

Insurance: Paperkutz

Symptoms: explosion induced deafness, piano twinkling

Diagnosis: Neurosis

I just want to write bad pop songs that make people cry in their cars.
— Erin

Patient Description:

The patient is critical. She’s hooked up to a revision machine and slowly regaining her energy. The dialogue is chat, just chit-chat. It has no purpose; it’s not inviting. One could say it’s character based awkwardness, but the main players are still mannequins. Adam’s nervousness is stilted and kills the pace. Even as a character flaw, the patient’s form is too hindered. His comments on black stereotypes are not funny and hardly worth ruminating. The patient’s subtext is juvenile with “maybes” and “kind ofs” as passive instructions for the actor. At times the commands were inverse as telling. What’s the number for the patient’s insurance?

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