Dr. 2's diagnosis of patient Theory of Nothing by Lolly Ward

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Patient: Theory of Nothing

Legal Guardian: Playwright Lolly Ward

Insurance: Bookmarx Medical

Symptoms: unstable relationships, unstable universe, emotional black holes

Diagnosis: false singularity

I ordered Chinese for dinner. I thought that was a fitting way to celebrate the new breakthrough. Noodles for the string theorists and thick soup for everyone else.
— Brit

Patient Description:

Nonfiction science decorated and propelled the plot, but the rocket ship never took off for me. The characters were a tad unbelievable. The umpteenth marriage/divorce plot had me only faintly interested. Yet, the legal guardian is truly giggle worthy. Unique characters, good jokes, and intelligent themes are within, but personally, I wasn’t interested. I think this one's tainted with subjective preference, Nurse 911. That, or I'm just too uninformed on monopoles to immerse myself.

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